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Top 5 Snacks to Avoid if You Have Diabetes.

Diabetics should have snacks as part of their daily meals. This, therefore, means that to except snacks completely from their meal plan will not be practical in so many ways. Snacks are the small bites of food or fruits that we eat in between the normal main meals of the day. Diabetics are encouraged to […]

Brown bread vs. White Bread: Which is Better for Diabetics?

Over the years, diabetics have always been advised to only eat brown bread, brown rice, and brown ugali. The reason is to moderate the blood glucose levels and prevention of sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. But the question is if it’s not brown bread? Do you not eat the white one? What is the […]

Debunking common misconceptions about diabetes

When discussing diabetes mellitus, we are referring to a group of diseases that cause high blood sugar levels, or hyperglycemia. And numerous complications that can result from poorly managed blood sugar. There’s already so much misinformation on how exactly to manage diabetes mellitus most of which is draining most diabetic individuals. We want to create […]

How Intermittent Fasting Can Boost Your Weight Loss Journey

Intermittent Fasting involves alternating periods of eating and fasting, offering health benefits like weight loss, improved heart health, and control over diseases such as diabetes. Guidelines suggest choosing a personal fasting schedule, like the popular 16:8 method, eating healthily, and avoiding overindulgence post-fasting. It may not be suitable for everyone, including children with type 1 diabetes and pregnant women, and consulting a doctor beforehand is crucial.

Misconceptions about Diabetes: Separating Facts from Fiction

Misconceptions cloud understanding diabetes, implicating sugar intake and lifestyle as sole culprits. While sugar doesn’t directly cause diabetes, excess increases obesity risk, a factor for type 2 diabetes, which stems from genetic and lifestyle influences. Early prevention and a healthy lifestyle can mitigate risks, with no diabetes type being less serious as each can lead to life-threatening hyperglycemia. Diet management, including moderation of meat and fats intake, is crucial, and brown foods with dietary fiber can aid glucose control. Contrary to beliefs, diabetics need emergency sweets to combat hypoglycemia risks alongside medications.

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