Diabetic-Friendly Snack Options

When you are choosing snacks for a diabetic individual, you will definitely ask yourself, which snacks should I pick? Are fruits okay?  Don’t they have too much sugar in them? With your goal being to keep the blood sugar level under control as much as possible and prevent the effects of uncontrolled diabetes, you not …

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How to Manage Common Complications of Diabetes

Kidney damage, eye damage, wounds that are not healing, cardiovascular diseases, and even diabetic ketoacidosis are just some of themany complications that may arise when diabetes remains uncontrolled over a long period. In this case, hyperglycemia remains untreated. But the good news is, you can totally prevent the occurrence of all these life-threatening complications by …

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What You Need to Know About Diabetes

Sugar? “ooh No, thank you.” I’m diabetic. You will hear this more often than not. Diabetes has become a major medical condition and it’s among the top causes of premature deaths.  The most contributing factor is a change in our lifestyle and food choices, that often leads to type 2 diabetes. 1. What is Diabetes …

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