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Top 6 Delicious and Nutritious High-Protein Foods

What are protein foods?

Proteins are a food group responsible for the building and repair of your body tissues and organs. 

There are so many sources of proteins including those from plants and from animals. 

For a healthy lifestyle, every individual is required to have a balanced diet, and proteins are part of a healthy balanced diet.

Here are 6 foods that are extremely high in proteins;

  1. Soya beans.
  2. Peanuts 
  3. Lentils.
  4. Beans.
  5. Eggs.
  6. Mushrooms.
  • Soya Beans

Grown in many of our farms, soya beans give us all the nutrition benefits we need.

Soya beans are very high in fibre, essential for digestion, prevention of constipation, weight loss and maintaining normal levels of both blood pressure and diabetes.

Soya beans are also high in protein which helps boost metabolism and aids in giving a feeling of fullness, this means that eating soya beans alone can help prevent occasions of snacking.

Soya beans are also low in saturated fats, saturated fats are bad for the heart, as too much consumption of it leads to a build-up of plaques within the blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, stroke and even heart attacks.

Soya beans also contain antioxidants, which help reduce the effect of free radicals, in the long run, preventing most cancers.

Soya beans also provide a beverage alternative, as researchers have found that overconsumption of caffeine and nicotine, can have an effect on the absorption of minerals like iron.

Important is to watch out for allergies like nausea, diarrhoea and itching. Whenever you develop an allergic reaction after consuming soy products, the best thing is to remove it from your diet.

  •  Peanuts.

So much deliciousness and nutrients in one plate.

Peanuts are good for the heart.

Peanuts also contain enough fibre to aid in weight loss.

Peanuts are also good for bone health eventually preventing conditions like osteoporosis.

Peanuts are also a very nutritious breakfast companion, in addition to providing enough protein to boost metabolism and give the feeling of fullness.

Peanuts can also be ground into peanut butter and used as bread spread which is so much more Nutritious as compared to jams loaded with sugar.

Peanuts are the most Nutritious snack to carry around, very affordable and very accessible.

  • Lentils.

Lentils are a very precious legume.

We enjoy eating lentils alongside rice and other carbohydrate foods. 

In the management of diabetes, cancers and constipation, lentils provide enough fibre to make it even more possible.

Lentils contain substantial amounts of potassium, folate and iron, which boost your immunity.

Lentils are good for the heart, as they don’t contain too much-saturated fat, this is compared to most animal-source proteins.

Moreover, lentils are easily available, affordable and accessible.

  • Beans.

Beans are just a delicacy. They come in different colours and sizes which makes them even more nutritious.

Beans can be eaten alongside carbohydrates, and vegetables to complete your diet and make it balanced.

Beans are rich in protein, essential to aid in the fast repair and building of body tissues and organs, like speeding up the process of wound healing.

Beans contain fibre, and fibre helps slow down the process of digestion, giving the feeling of fullness. This is important for people living with diabetes, as it will help prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar levels, and also help in weight management.

Beans contain minerals like iron, magnesium and potassium, good for general health.

Beans are also heart-healthy.

To avoid issues of bloating and flatulence, soak the beans for some time, drain away the soaking water, and then cook. 

This will reduce the effects that beans could have on your stomach, including for patients with Peptic Ulcer Disease, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • Eggs.

Fried, boiled, scrabbled, scotched, whatever the method of cooking, eggs are an excellent source of complete proteins.

Eggs have so many methods of cooking providing options to choose from.

Eggs are very affordable and very accessible.

When you are trying to do portion control, eggs make it very easy to do that. They also contain phosphorus and vitamin B12 which makes eggs extremely Nutritious.

They also contain antioxidants, for cell health. In this case, it prevents most types of cancers.

Eggs are an excellent breakfast option, and can also accompany other meals to make the diet more balanced.

  • Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are plant proteins. Most people enjoy eating mushrooms.

Mushrooms contain potassium which helps reduce sodium, which makes them good for the management of blood pressure.

Mushrooms also contain vitamin D which aids in the absorption of calcium, hence improving bone health.

The vitamin b6, present in mushrooms boosts immunity, protecting you from most diseases.

Mushrooms make an important part of a balanced diet.

Proteins are an important part of a balanced diet, adding portions of proteins in every one of our meals is one of the many ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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