The Effects of Overeating: When We Consume Everything in Excess

 What will happen if we eat everything in excess?

A healthy diet comprises the 5 most common food groups and each food group has its specific daily recommended intake. There’s a very good reason for that kind of moderation because we know that too much of anything can turn out to be poison. 

The 5 food groups include :

Carbohydrates: These are energy-giving foods and the recommended is (3-5) servings in a day, including bread, pasta, and rice. An example is 1 slice of bread as one serving, about 1 gram.

Proteins: These are body-building foods, for muscle and tissue growth, it’s recommended (2-3) servings a day, these include both plant and animal source proteins. An example is half a cup(250mls) of cooked legumes OR 1 egg.

Dairy products: These include milk and milk products, it’s recommended (to 3) servings a day. An example of 1 serving is 1 cup(250mls) of milk.

Fruits and vegetables: it’s recommended (to 5) servings a day. Includes all types of fruits and vegetables. Examples include 1 apple/banana as one serving or a bowl of vegetable salad.

Fats and sugar, are these types of food groups to watch out for and limit as much as possible. you need 30% of fat per total calories you need for that day.

Effects of too many carbohydrates.

  1. Possible weight gain, because excess carbs get stored as fat in the fat cells most commonly around the tummy.
  2. Risk of hyperglycemia, because carbohydrates get broken down to glucose, and if you take carbohydrates in excess they’ll be a lot of glucose build up in the blood hence increasing the risk of developing diabetes.
  3. Heart diseases and hypertension, because like I’ve already mentioned excess carbohydrates will get stored as fat, and this is not good for the arteries, hence heart diseases and even high blood pressure.
  4. Large metabolic load.

Effects of eating too much protein.

  1. Excess proteins get stored as fat, hence possible weight gain.
  2. Too much intake of dairy products can lead to diarrhoea and allergic reactions.
  3. Kidney damage especially in people who already have kidney problems.
  4. Increased cancer risks, especially colorectal cancer due to too much intake of red meat, are a risk factor.

Effects of eating too many fruits and vegetables.

For hyperglycemia, especially in people who are diabetic, it’s good to watch out and choose fruits and vegetables with less sugar for example watermelons, and moderate intake of fruits with too much sugar like mangoes.

Effects of eating excess fat.

  1. Weight gain.
  2. Gastrointestinal discomfort.
  3. Heart diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are a major health threat, so it’s wise to eat all foods from the different food groups in moderation, to promote good health.

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