Controversial Statements about Food, Number 9 is definitely true

Having opinions about food is not in any way wrong, and the only reason why most of us are not open to expressing them is the possibility of rude, weird, and hostile reactions from other people. We all are from different parts of the world, and we have been brought up with different beliefs, values, and even in this case opinions. So here are 9 opinions about foods, that I found from different people, how do you feel about them? Let’s find out!

1. The bigger the plate, the more food.

Like literally, there’s is a 95% possibility about this, take a look back, and look at the size of your plates, always the bigger the better, in most cases huhIt may be different for some of us though. 

Now when you are in that line, in a buffet, and you are carrying that big plate, your eyes are looking through the sumptuous foods on display, and your big plate is like, oh yes pick them all, a big plate will always give you an illusion that you need to serve more food. 

Now, this may not seem like a problem right away, but imagine if you do this often, then you are going to mess up your weight loss journey faster than you thought. So yeah! For me the bigger the plate, the more you gonna eat.

2. We eat the volume we want and not the calories we need.

Absolutely! Someone once said, that our stomachs are very bad at doing math, they can never count calories, we see it before we eat it

When holding a large Package of crisps or biscuits, do you even think about the calories in it, most often, no or Never, we just keep eating and eating until the Package is close to empty? 

Now again, those small setbacks will send you to square one, and you will start your weight loss journey all over again, quite exhausting, don’t you think? 

So see it while eating it, maybe a little practice will help, you don’t have to really count the calories, but you can grab tips that can help you not to go beyond the recommended portion size.

3. The longer you stay at the table, the more you will eat.

Can I get a second help? Oh yes why not, there’s still so much food. 

Now, do you have a target, do you really need that much food? Obviously no, when sitting at the dining table, with your plate close, surrounded by all sorts of foods, from appetizers to desserts.

You are spoilt for choice, you keep giving yourself treats in the name of second helpings, and your stomach is probably too worried about a possible explosion, but you keep going and going because why not?  

Eat at other people’s speed, not too fast, not too slow, the secret is to give yourself just the much you need, focus on your plate, and get yourself safe away from the temptation table. So totally, the longer you take at the table, the more you gonna eat.

4. Out of sight, out of mind.

While at your desk working, and you have chocolate, biscuits, and crisps at the work desk, what will happen is, that you will grab them to eat, even with no hunger at all. 

Are you safe though, of course not, you are going down the wrong lane, but when these treats are out of sight, the possibility of you grabbing them goes down and down. and even when you are arranging your food cabinet or your fridge, you want to keep those tempting not not-so-healthy foods out of sight. So that’s the first thing you need to do, out of sight, out of mind.

5. It was expensive, but it’s definitely good.

You see how “above the average status” you feel when your order from KFC goes through, and it’s delivered to your doorstep, and you take it to social media, to show us pictures of the well-displayed pizza, chicken, and everyone now believes you are living the best life. 

No, sis, everything is definitely wrong here, don’t get me wrong, it is good to give yourself the treats, you deserve it after all, but don’t get it twisted, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good. 

You see most products from famous brands are well received, given tighter hugs, like from the advertising, the packaging, also, not forgetting that not all fast foods are unhealthy, but the fact that the price tag was quite high, doesn’t give it credit that it’s good or healthy for that matter.

6. We overeat on these foods that we think are healthy.

In the nutrition information section of your food Package, you come across fat-free, carb-free, and sugar-free, and then you suddenly care less how much of that food you eat. 

Aside from the bad intentions adverts, the foods could really be fat-free or carb-free as they say, but does it help that you are eating too much of it? 

The effects may end up being the same, or way much more serious. Fat-free or not, don’t overeat, and the question goes “do the fat-free labels make us fat?” I will let you give an answer to that.

7. Cutting off your favourite food is not doable.

“I will never eat fried chicken ever again! “ yes you will, sometimes you don’t need to completely cut off that food, that you blame for weight gain, you need to rethink how much of that fried chicken you actually eat. 

In your weight loss journey, you need to make very realistic weight loss goals, this way, you can still have your favourite foods included, only in smaller portions, or with lesser frequency. 

Also, another truth is, that the more you deprive yourself of that favourite food, the more you are going to crave it, and finally the more of it you’re going to eat. So cutting off your favourite food may not be doable, after all.

8. Anything that keeps your focus off food, can make you overeat.

Hey, what are you doing right now? _I’m watching squid games on Netflix, and have you had dinner already? _oh yes I’m having pizza while watching. 

How many things is this person doing ago, chatting, watching TV, and eating? Attention is divided into three, definitely focus is not on food. TV is a bad culprit, and every time we fall victim, when you don’t look at your plate while eating, you won’t even know how much you have eaten so far.

The distraction denies you a chance to listen to your internal cues, and especially if you are eating directly from the Package, then you may not know when to stop. So definitely, anything that keeps your focus off food can make you overeat.

9. You are not hungry, you are idle.

Using the desktop diner, and the girl watching TV and eating pizza. Sometimes when food is lying around on the table, we just grab and eat, not necessarily because we are hungry but just because it’s there, and it’s food that needs to be eaten, you grab the sweets and go, the chocolate and go.

There are definitely lots and lots of other unpopular opinions about food, let me know what’s yours.

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