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Normal Weight Does Not Mean Good Health: Here’s why!

In our modern society, the pursuit of health is often equated with achieving a “normal” weight. However, the reality is far more complex. While maintaining a healthy weight is undoubtedly important, it is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall well-being. In fact, numerous studies and healthcare experts emphasize that a […]

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Strategies to cope up with weight loss, How not to give up!

What strategies do you use to cope with negative feelings? When feeling discouraged on your weight loss journey, it’s important to remind yourself of your goals and the progress you’ve made so far. Reflecting on the reasons why you started, seeking support from friends/family, adjusting your approach/strategies if needed, and keeping in mind that setbacks […]

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The danger of sugar sweetness.

Reducing sugar intake is linked to various health benefits, such as weight management, lower risk of diabetes, and improved dental health. Excessive sugar consumption has been associated with increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and other health issues. There’s no problem too large that sugar cannot solve, a common quote that can send you to […]

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How Diet Influences Disease Development and Prevention

The relationship between diet and diseases is profound and well-documented. Here’s a breakdown: “Let Food be thy medicine” While diet can play a significant role in preventing and managing certain medical conditions, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it can’t always replace medications, especially for more serious or complex conditions. However, for many health issues […]

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