This is why your stomach is bloated!

Do you relate to that extreme feeling of passing gas, belching, or flatulence (intestinal wind passed through the anus) Embarrassing, don’t you think?

There are so many reasons why you may develop digestion disorders, in which bloating is one of them;

  1. Poor Nutrition.
  2. Bad posture when eating, lying down when eating for example.
  3. Eating too large a portion size of food.
  4. Eating too little portion size of food.
  5. Poor hydration (taking too little amounts of fluids).
  6. Allergies from certain foods can cause bloating.
  7. Eating foods that don’t go well with you, for one reason or another.

What is bloating?

Now, bloating means that your stomach is full of gas, making it look full, firm, and tight. It’s quite uncomfortable. When there’s excess gas in your stomach, you may pass the gas through the mouth (belching) or through the anus (flatulence).

What causes bloating?

  1. Like simply eating food too fast.
  2. Smoking cigarettes.
  3. Chewing gum at most times.
  4. Eating large portions of foods that bring you gas, like dairy products, legumes, and even carbonated drinks like soda.
  5. Lack of physical exercise.
  6. Eating too fatty and too sugary foods.
  7. Sometimes even eating cold foods.

Eating foods very fast, smoking, and even chewing gum, introduces lots of gas through the mouth to your stomach. 

Eating foods that you have allergies to like dairy products can also cause boating because of lactose intolerance when your body is unable to digest lactose, and basically when you have malabsorption.

When you feel Bloated, the only way to get better is to look back to check where you went wrong and find solutions to that, looking at the causes will help you find absolute solutions. 

For example; When you get bloated after eating a plate of beans, then you have to think of the portion size, you have to think of the cooking method used.

The best way to cook beans is to prevent bloating.

  • Remove all visible dirt from the beans.
  • Wash them well.
  • Soak them in water, preferably overnight.
  • In the morning, or after about 4 hours, remove the soaking water and wash again.
  • Then cook till soft.
  • Cook with little fat and salt.

This method has shown positive results in reducing flatulence related to beans and even pain in people who have gastric ulcer disease. 

In other scenarios, maybe you will need to cut off these foods that get you bloated and replace them with better ones from the same food group to ensure nourishment. 

Other changes like;

  1. Quitting smoking,
  2. Increasing the number of times you do physical exercises.
  3. Sitting up when eating, and maintaining a good posture during meal times.
  4. Cutting back on carbonated drinks (the bubbles fill you up causing bloating).

Bloating does not automatically mean that you ate too much, conditions like constipation can also cause bloating.

How do you prevent constipation?

  • Eat foods rich in insoluble fibre, like whole grains, vegetables, and legumes.
  • Takes lots and lots of fluids, by drinking water, soups, and other healthy drinks.
  • Exercise often, getting your muscles moving and flexible.
  • Eat less fatty foods.

However, when you are already constipated try paw fruit, it gives quick relief. Maintain a healthy weight because even sudden weight gain can give you the feeling of bloating. In cases of intestinal bowel syndromes that cause bloating often, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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