Simple Tips for Healthy Living

Several years ago, I doubt if people really cared that much about how balanced their diets were, how often to eat, what particular food to eat, when to exercise and when not to, you know!

But how funny is it that our grannies stayed for many years as compared to our recent generation? This is something that quite often triggers my mind.

Now, you can’t choose when to start suffering from Diabetes, cancer, or arthritis, absolutely not! 

This modernization has come with just as much bad as the good. 

Of course with the huge development in technology, we’ve had good medical services that have saved several lives, amongst other beneficial technological advances.

However, the food industry has created a huge disaster, putting extremely processed fast foods that are a phone call away, we have therefore become either too busy or too lazy to plant, harvest and organically prepare most of our foods. And this is where the problem all starts. 

To a greater extent, the food industry has helped curb food insecurity but the issue here is the overconsumption of these over-processed foods, which have been snatched from the good stuff.

When we are talking about these two extremes, it’s hard to pick sides, but the question here is, “Is it worth it?” when you go around this question, you comfortably find answers that are good for you, and your health then you are going to be lucky to some extent. 

It’s weird how we binge on these fast foods 
which usually come in very attractive packaging, appealing colours, and beyond comparison taste, and then you expect not to suffer the consequences or rather have to deal with the consequences quite last minute, this is what we are trying to avoid here. 

What’s worse is, as compared to organic foods, these fast foods are quite affordable and accessible, which is frustrating if you ask me. But now, budget aside, our lives are dependent on our food choices, whether we like it or not. “you are what you eat” If we don’t start to manage type 2 diabetes in the future because we chose to remain inactive and eat all these processed foods on our supermarket shelves, then we might as well start struggling with arthritis, elevated blood pressure and even heart diseases, just to mention but a few. By all means, don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to bring bad energy, rather this should be a wake-up call.

  1. Cutting on sugar, from the cakes, the sweets, and their friends.
  2. Quitting the table salt habit.
  3. Saying no to extremely fatty foods like your favourite French fries.
  4. Working out often, making it a 4-day 30-minute aerobic exercise.
  5. Making water your number one buddy, then you’ll be, to a greater extent safer than if you didn’t make any lifestyle changes at all.

Also, I don’t know at what age you are, as you read this, but a balanced diet, nutritious food choices, 8 glasses of water every day, and 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, is how you start. 

Most especially for younger parents, good nutrition starts all the way from pregnancy to adulthood, make better healthy choices, for you, your family, your friends, and all these people close to your reach.

So yes! It is worth it, to make brave healthy food choices.

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